Six (6) Eyepieces
Carl Zeiss Jena K5x, K7x, Kpl8x, Kpl10x, Kpl12.5x
Bausch & Lomb 7.5x Micrometer

Seven (7) Objectives in original plastic lens cases
Carl Zeiss Jena: Apochromat 20/0.65/0.17; Planapo 25/.065, Apochromat 40/.065; Apochromat HI 60, Planapo 100/1.3 oel;
Bausch & Lomb: 48mm/0.08; Apochromat 61X;

These are in excellent condition in original cases. Actual selling prices (not pie in the sky asking prices) indicate these would bring a total of approximately $1500. Asking $1,200 for the lot, 13 pieces plus shipping from Tacoma, WA.

Will ship to UK, Japan, US and Canada.

If interested please send private message.