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    35mm RF

    Voigtlander Silver 28/35mm Mini-Finder. As New.

    Selling my "as new" Silver Voigtlander 25/35mm mini-finder. This was only mounted on a hot shoe once, never taken out for shooting. It's in perfect condition.

    If you've never seen one in person they're beautiful and very small. In addition to their usefulness on rangefinders they are also popular with compact system camera users and with users of the Ricoh GR series camera and other compacts. Classy looking, beautiful performing and oh so small, a super cool accessory.

    Comes boxed and in the original little velour style Voigtlander cinch bag.

    Price: $295. These are currently selling for $349 + Shipping, if you can find one. My price includes ConUS Shipping, International shipping will be at actual cost.

    Please let me know of you have any questions at all.

    Photos taken this afternoon of the actual item:

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 8291472605_b1726ee3dd_o_d.jpg  
    Tri-X & Rodinal, a beautiful thing.
    Leica, Contax & Nikon Shooter.



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