The following were used with our manual 5x4 Omega enlarger in the 70's (which I think was a D4).
Lens board with 135mm Schneider Companon.
Lens board for an auto-focus Omega. Never used, bought at a clearance sale. Probably takes 150 or longer lens.
Lens board with tilt. Flat so probably used with 50 or 80mm lense. Tilt, which was my mod, is adjustable one direction only.
Red safe light filter, flick across in light beam.
Neg carrier, Omega glassless, 120 (21/4 x 21/4)
Neg carrier, Omega glassless, 120 (21/4 x 31/4)
Neg carrier, Omega glassless, 35mm
Neg masking device, 4 adjustable arms. Modified by me to sit above 4x5 neg carrier and provide neg masking.
It's all in good condition, unused for 30 years. Now located in Tasmania.
Pix available.