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    FS: Iskra 6x6 folder

    Iskra 6x6 folder
    $170 or Best Reasonable Offer

    I bought this from a dealer in Ukraine for 200 smackers plus shipping. It was presented as being in perfect working condition, but I'm not sure because I'm vastly unfamiliar with this model of camera.

    I'm going to try to describe it as best I can:

    The serial number begings with "63", which I believe indicates a manufacture date of 1963. The body of the camera is in beautiful undented condition and the covering is tight and not worn looking. The viewfinder and rangefinder glass are pretty clean; I don't see any scratches.

    The metal of the body appears unscratched with a little tarnish from age. I believe it could clean up really nicely, although there's really no need.

    The glass is pretty clean, I don't see any cleaning marks, but I think the internal elements could use a good cleaning. Appears to me that there's been some condensation or maybe outgassing from lubricant that's put some little spots in there. It would probably take fine pictures as-is, but would probably clean up well, in my estimation.

    The focusing mechanism is stiff, but not impossibly so. But it is bothersome and makes the camera more "fiddly" to use than I'd like. So this could use some cleaning and re-lubing.

    The shutter works well at all speeds, with just a hint of hesitation in the middle of the one-second setting. It could probably go a long while before its next clean and lube.

    The film transport seems to be in order, with the film counter working. I haven't shot any photos with this camera so I can't attest to spacing. When advancing film, it feels kind of clunky and dry to me, as though it needs lubrication.

    The case is in surprisingly good condition, with wrinkles at the bend points indicating only moderate use and wear. Even the strap is in pretty good condition.

    The reason I decided to sell it is because I know that parts for these are nearly impossible to find, and I believe it needs a good clean and lube to be on the safe side before using it extensively. I've worked on some other, simpler folders before, but I don't want to rip into this one without any training. These are too scarce in this kind of condition for me to want to wreck one while learning its "ins and outs". So, right after buying it, I folded it up and put it away until now.

    I would send it off for service but my economic situation and photo plans have both changed; I'm selling off excess equipment that I probably either won't use much, or at all.

    Figure 3 lbs 8 oz shipping weight from Zip Code 90027. I can ship Priority Mail, First Class Mail, or UPS (in order of my preference).

    I ship right after PayPal funds clear to my account; this takes a few days.


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    at Fedka.com in the us services these. These are wonderful cameras you can't go wrong with one



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