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    8x10 Format

    Gitzo G1325 MK2 Mountaineer Carbon Fiber Tripod (3 sections, original packaging)

    Professional Gitzo quality. Very tall for working at eye level. No center post so you can work inches off the ground. Bubble level. Perfect for the studio or field. Everything works perfectly.

    Purchased new from B&H several years back and taken a good care regularly: placed foam leg cushions on all three legs to protect them and provide comfort while carrying it (foam pads aren't included in that lot); after each trip tripod was completely disassembled, washed out in warm soap water, dried out, lubed, assembled back and manually adjusted. Since it still operates like new: all moves well, not hard nor too freely, air cushioned legs extend/shrinks extremely well. Overall it is pleasure to work with in the field! The only reason I sell it off is my movement to large format photography where heavier wooden tripod is necessity.

    Ships with all items shown in pictures (more pictures on request!); comes in the original packaging and with original documentation (see pictures).
    Free shipping to the lower US 48 states.

    Price: $399
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