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    6 Books to improve YOUR photographs LOWER PRICE

    $25 plus $7.50 shipping USA only.

    Photographers, no matter how accomplished, are always looking for ideas that will help improve their photographs. These 6 books are full of great ideas. If you get one idea it is worth it. You may get a 100. What-a-deal!

    Doeffinger, Kodak Workshop Series, THE ART OF SEEING, 8.5x11 inches 96 pages.
    This is an excellent book that, as the title indicates, will help photographers use the art of seeing and thus improve their photographs. The chapters are:
    The Glory of Light and Shadow
    Elements of the Scene
    Treating the Subject
    Camera, Lenses, Film

    Wignall, Jeff, KODAK WINNING PICTURES, 100 IDEAS FOR OUTSTANDING PHOTOGRAPHS, 1988 1st edition. This is a wonderful book that provides inspiration for photographers. It has 100 ideas with a whole page with a text description of the idea and photographs to illustrate the idea, Some of the ideas are: Landscape moods, Scale in Landscapes, Painting with Light, Surreal Scenes, Electrical Storms, Using Props, Soft Focus, Star Trails, Shooting Through a Surface, Blurred Motion, Afterglow, Comical Gestures, Handcoloring, Compression with Telephoto Lens, and many more. 8.5x11 inches 116 pages.

    Hattersley, BEGINNER’S GUIDE TO COLOR PHOTOGRAPHY 1979. Old but comprehensive and excellent. By one of the greatest photography teacher and photographer. 8x10 224 pages paperback

    3 of the ledgendary TIME-LIFE PHOTOGRAPHY books, all in excellent condition.

    Time-Life: Special Problems, describes difficult photographic situations and how to overcome them

    Harsh Environment, heat, cold, water, sand etc.
    Problems of the Professional
    Mechanical Failure
    Photographing Action
    The Assigned Problem
    The Deliberate Mistake

    Time-Life: The Art of Photography
    What the Camera Sees
    Principles of Design
    Responding to the Subject
    Photography and Time
    Challenging the Traditions
    The Principles at Work

    Time-Life: The Great Themes
    The Human Condition
    Still Life
    The Nude
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