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    Fujinon SW 90mm f/8 w/ lensboard & Tenba carrying case...MINT -!!

    Fujinon SW 90mm f/8 w/ lensboard & Tenba carrying case...MINT -!!!
    I have for sale a Fujinon 90 mm f/8 lens and lensboard ( COPAL 0 ) that I used for a 4x5 view camera. This lens is in fantastic condition cosmetically and mechanically! Both front and rear lens covers have always been on it and, of course, are included in this sale. No fungus, no fog, no dust inside lens. Lens is multi-coated.
    The serial # is 604910.
    The Tenba soft case can be clipped to your belt loop for carrying lens without damaging.
    Asking $299.00 w/ $4.99 for extremely careful packaging, shipping inside the USA.
    I will ship internationally. Please email your zip code and city to me for the shipping cost.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Fujinon 90 a.JPG   Fujinon 90 c.JPG   Fujinon 90 e.JPG  



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