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    Canon 35mm F2.8 for Leica Thread Mount - Late Black Model

    I am selling a Canon 35mm f2.8 lens for Leica thread mount rangefinders. This is the less common black finished late model version of this lens. In my experience the later model Canon LTM lenses had a noticeable edge with regards to optical performance on the earlier versions (which were also very good).

    The glass is substantially clear, clean, scratch-free, haze-free, separation-free, etc. The mechanical motions are smooth and accurate. There is a hint of oil visible on the iris blade a smattering of very tiny specks that look like air bubbles at the edge of some element only visible with bright light. These issues are inconsequential to anyone (or anything) except the ardent collector, which is why I mention them. This is a superb lens, brilliantly crafted, very light and compact, and it will delivery first rate results by any standard. The cosmetic condition is excellent. Sold as shown with aftermarket lens caps.

    Price: $350 plus insured shipping and PayPal fees

    I can accept PayPal, personal checks, or money orders in payment and I ship to most locations.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails canon35mmf2.8-1.JPG   canon35mmf2.8-4.JPG   canon35mmf2.8-3.JPG   canon35mmf2.8-2.JPG  



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