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    Nikkor-S 5cm F1.4 for LTM, Canon Rangefinder Meter, LTM->M Adapter

    Nikkor-S 5cm F1.4 for Leica thread mount rangefinders. I just had this CLA'd and the condition is very good. The mechanical motions are very smooth. The iris is free from oil. The overall glass aspect is very clean and clear. Like most lenses from this era, there are numerous micro cleaning scratches (sometimes called "wipe marks" on the exterior glass coating (I think on the front element, but it's sort of hard to tell). These scratches are only evident under a bright back light and will not impact usage at all. Sold with a very cool original Tower brand (a Sears rebadging of Nikon gear in the 1950's) metal front cap, new aftermarket rear cap, and CLA receipt. This is a beautiful lens and a stunning performer. Price: $500 plus insured shipping

    Light meter for Canon rangefinders. This meter is fresh out of the shop with a CLA. This is designed for post-Barnack Canon Leica thread mount rangefinder bodies such as the Canon P and many others. It also works well as a pocketable hand-held standalone meter. The meter is accurate on both scales. No batteries are required for use! In very good shape except for minor marks on the body. Modestly priced: $75 plus shipping

    Pixco LTM->M adapter. Will bring up 50/75mm frame lines on Leica M bodies that support this. New in the box - nice item. Price: $14 plus shipping
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