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    FS: Pentacon Six outfit

    Body: This body is in user cosmetic condition and it works great mechanically (no overlap). It was CLA'd last february by Leonid Treskunov by the previous owner (Another Apugger). There was a pinhole in the shutter curtain but I patched that up with lighter fluid and I haven't noticed any issues since. I am providing body cap, prism, wlf, chimney finder, Kiev adapter, extra ground glass, and ever ready case. $300
    50mm f4.0 Flektogon: This lens is in user cosmetic condition and mechanically everything is sound. The glass is in user condition. There is no fungus, haze, or seperation but there are some light scratches on the surface but nothing that I would be concerned about, for a user. I am also providing a generic shade, front cap, and rear cap. $200
    180mm f2.8 Sonnar: This lens is in good/excellent cosmetic condition and mechanically everything is sound. The glass is in good/excellent condition. There is no fungus, haze, or separation. There aren't really any scratches or anything to be concerned about. The lens looks brand-new but it obviously isn't. I am also providing the original shade, front cap, rear cap, and case. $200

    All prices include paypal fees but shipping is at your cost. I'd let go of everything for $600, shipping on me (if CONUS).

    I'd possibly trade for some compact Leica LTM gear: IIIc/IIIf, 50mm f2.0 collapsible summicron, 35mm f3.5 summaron, and 50mm f3.5 elmar come to mind.
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    still available?



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