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    Dec 2011

    Olympus OM2n, 50mm f1.4 1.1mil+, 28mm f2.8, Filters 62mm 52mm

    OM2n is in great working order, no obstructions in viewfinder, meter works, etc. It has brassing. The Hot Shoe 4 has typical cracks they all get. Rewind lever was replaced with one that wouldn't flop open and was hard to get open (strange I know), with a better one from later OM. Comes with body cap. Winder needs some glue or something where the battery tray broke, but also comes with battery pack.

    50mm f1.4 1.1+ million seiral number. Just had a CLA last year, maybe a roll of film through it. Front and Rear Caps included.

    28mm f2.8, excellenet lens, comes with metal hood and rear cap.

    OM2n $75
    50mm f1.4 1.1+mil $165 shipped
    28mm f2.8 $90 shipped
    $300 shipped if all purchased at once

    52mm Filters
    Tiffen HCE Orange
    Vivitar VMC Red NO. 25(A)
    Marumi Y2

    62mm Filters
    Tiffen Polarizer (with turning knob, not circular)
    HCE Green 1
    HCE Red 1
    Tiffen UV Haze-1
    HCE Orange
    Mariumi Y2

    All filters $8 shipped, $5 when added to purcahse of camera equipment.
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    Dec 2011
    Price Updates
    50mm f1.4 $160 shipped
    28mm f2.8 $80 shipped

    Package Olympus gear $270 shipped

    Filters $8 shipped, $5 for every add after the first.

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    Dec 2011
    Camera sold!



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