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    Nikkor 3.5cm F2.5 for Nikon Rangefinder, Canon 50mm F1.5 for LTM, Canon Rapid Wind

    W-Nikkor-C 3.5cm F2.5 for Nikon or Contax rangefinder with original leather case. In very good condition in all respects. Has a smattering of micro coating scratches and a smattering of microscopic dust particles, but the glass overall is very clean and clear. Clean iris blades. I have little doubt this lens would be an outstanding performer and any defects require bright light to even notice (I mention the primarily for the sake of hard-core collector types). A great lens! No caps. Price: $325 plus insured shipping

    Canon 50mm F1.5 Leica thread mount lens sold with original caps. Excellent cosmetic condition. The glass condition is very, very good being clean, clear and without fungus, or separation. There are a few of very fine hairline scratches on an internal element (probably as a result of a CLA by a former owner), oil on the iris blades, and some microscopic dust particles. Price: $550 plus insured shipping

    Canon Rapidwinder for all Canon bottom loading rangefinder bodies. In very good condition in all respects. Price: $150 plus insured shipping

    I accept PayPal, money orders, or checks and I ship to most countries. All customs forms are filled out accurately. Thanks! - David
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