Dwindling space and mostly everything I do now are 5x7 contact prints. Bought this a while ago at LFPF, I enjoyed it so much and I want to pass it along to some one else who wants enjoy the magic of printing. This comes with everything, the board, column, condensor (or whatever that part is called), comes with a bulb too. It also has an 80mm lens (I think a schneider). If I can spare an easel, I will add one too. A great enlarger that is easy to disassemble and fold away for storage. will do 6x6 down to I think 8mm? All I want are some prints that are made from it. Anyways, for now this would only be for local pcik up ( I don't have a box for it for shipping), and if you already have an working enlarger, please don't inquire anymore. PM me for questions. Thanks.