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    Toyo 57G VERY RARE !

    So, here it is: I'm selling my all black Toyo 57G.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    This is a extremely hard to find camera, so this is your change. It's part of the Toyo G system, meaning e.g. that you can replace the 5x7 back standard with a 4x5 or 8x10 back standard and the fitting bellows, and you can use these formats as well; you can also put a second 4x5 front standard before the first one, put the 4x5 bellows between them and make extreme enlargments. There's also a 5x7 to 4x5 reducing back. These items not included in this sale; I just mention these as examples of what is possible.

    Included are two 25cm rails and one 15cm rail (not in pictures, but it looks exactly like the two others, only shorter ). The pictures show the two 25cm rails in use.

    There are no lens boards or film holders included. I have all my lenses on Technica/Linhof lensboards and I use an adapter (search on eBay for "Toyo Lens Board adapter"), since I also have a Shen-Hao field camera.

    Everything works fine, movements are smooth, everything locks down firmly. Bubble levels are working fine (not cracked or dried out), some paint chips on the back. What more can I say ? If you read documentation about the 45G or 810G, you know everything (except weight, of course), and since it's so hard to find specific documentation about this specific camera, here's a link to the original Toyo brochure of the silver version (in German, sorry; if you need help with translation, just ask):


    Here are all the pictures: https://plus.google.com/photos/10946...IbE79KqvMPxvgE

    The only lesser points that I can find are:

    1) the bellows supple and flexible but HAD a few pinholes: I repaired them with Plasti-dip, and if I had not mentioned it, you would not have noticed (you'll have a very hard time noticing it even now that I've told you: lustre and colour are exactly like the original bellows). I've done the same with my 810G about two years ago, and it is still in perfect flexible shape.

    2) the ground glass has some marks. It's still perfectly usable, but I'll include a brand new one as a spare.

    3) one of the lock-down knows has a small piece of plastic broken off, but that does not hinder it's function at all; you can see this in the 5th picture.

    The camera is in Belgium, so if you like to come over to have a look and/or pick it up, no problem.

    Asking 600 euro + shipping, but I'll consider reasonable offers. If in Europe, please use IBAN and BIC for payment.


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    Well then a bump and price reduction: 500 euro.



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