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    FS: Profoto Pro B2 1200r

    My two Pro B2 packs have been my 'back ups' to my D4, and have seldom seen use aside from the few occasions where I required more than 4 lights, or the odd corporate portrait. When I picked up the 645DF/V-Grip AIR, I had the D4 converted to AIR and followed that up with the purchase a handful of D1 1000/500 heads and - in turn - no longer require the B2s in studio or on location.

    They've both been cared for meticulously, and received servicing from MAC in Nov.

    Images can be found below:


    I'm looking for $5500 for both, or $3000 ea - but I'm also willing to trade one a Phototherm SSK-8 and/or a Contax 645AF system. Will toss in an unused replacement battery for each pack.

    Prices are a little negotiable - as long as I can cover what I'm selling these to purchase, I'm set.

    More info: http://www.profoto.com/pro-b2-1200r

    If anyone needs references, I've done a few sales on Lula/GetDPI/FM so.. yeah.

    Packs are shipped in their original boxes.

    Get in touch: alex@colorspace.am
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