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    FS: Mamiya AF 55/2.8; Schneider AF 80/2.8D LS; Mamiya AF 105-210/4.5 ULD

    Selling all that I have left of a system I no longer own (P1 645DF -> Leaf AFi). Had/used the primes over a three week trip to South America, of which they were probably used for the first 14 days or so - no more than 730 actuations between them of which I suspect 700+ were with the 55/2.8. The AF 105-210/4.5 ULD was my studio lens - it's been used, exhibits evidence of such, but still functions without a hitch.

    The primes are LNIB w/ front and rear caps, and hoods. The zoom is without box, but with front/rear caps/hood.

    Looking for $450 (55) $1100 (80) $550 (105-210), or $1750 for the lot - which is around 30% of what I purchased them for.

    Get in touch: alex@colorspace.am

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