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    Canon L1, Canon 35mm F2.8 LTM Set, Exakta Prism Finder

    Canon L1. In excellent condition operationally and cosmetically. Film tested and working perfectly. The is a small bright mark in the base plate, which is not as noticeable in "real-life" as in the photo. The previous RFF owner member had the camera professionally CLA'd. Price: $275 plus insured shipping

    Canon 35mm F2.8 set including Canon 35mm finder, case, and original caps. Lens glass is very clean, clear, scratch-free, and fungus-free. The mechanical motions are smooth and accurate. The iris blades have a bit of oil on the tips. One of the internal baffles has some paint loss, but there are no loose specks of paint inside. The parallax-corrected finder is in good condition. There is a trace of internal haze, but nothing that impedes use or requires servicing in my estimation. Overall this is a very nice set. Price: $325 plus insured shipping

    Exakta SLR eye-level prism finder. Split prism screen. OK cosmetic condition with a tinry dent or nick or two and a bit of dust, but it works well and still looks pretty good. Nice finder for the money. Price: $15 plus shipping

    I accept PayPal, money orders, or checks and I ship to most countries. All customs forms are filled out accurately. Thanks! - David
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails canon-l1-2.JPG   canon-l1-1.JPG   canon-l1-3.JPG   canon-35mm-set-1.JPG   exakta-finder-1.JPG  

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