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    FS: Franka Rolfix Jr. w/ 105mm Schneider Radionar parts/repair

    I have an old Franka Rolfix Jr that needs a new home. It has the 105mm Schneider Radionar lens in a Vario shutter. This camera makes 6x9 negatives on 120 film. It also has the little insert that allows you to shoot 6x6 (with the insert in place).

    The lens is pretty clean, focus ring moves smoothly and the shutter works properly on all speeds. However, a shim between the lens and the camera is missing and so, the lens is not far enough from the film plane and cannot focus on anything. This is a fairly easy fix for somebody with the right tools and patience. If this were fixed, it would make beautiful big negatives.

    The cosmetics are not pretty. The leatherette is lifting and the paint is chipped in several places.

    I originally bought this harvest the lens for another a project but the lens is so pretty, I just could not do it.

    I'm into this camera for $40 - I'd like to get that much for it but, if you feel differently, Please make me an offer.

    I take paypal. Please figure about $10 for domestic shipping. More for International (contact me).
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