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    FS: Rittreck View w/ 4x5 Int'l back, new bellows; ALSO 5x7 back

    Rittreck 5x7 with 4x5 back and new bellows,
    plus a 5x7 back available separately
    $525 or best reasonable offer, plus shipping
    $200 or best reasonable offer for the 5x7 back

    PICTURES TO COME this evening after I replace my camera battery.

    This is a Japanese made 5x7 camera body with the original 4x5 back. It's the Rittreck view, made after Rittreck was bought by Wista. Available separately is the 5x7 back.

    All metal construction, it's built like a tank. It's in used but not abused condition. When I got it, it was pretty filthy from how it had been stored, but it cleaned up well.

    I've put a new bellows on it.

    I've replaced all flocking -- light-trap material -- that had turned to goo, and the whole system is light-tight. The new flocking material won't disintegrate like the old stuff did.

    I prefer this camera over the Linhof, because it's just as sturdy and the movements are easier to use.

    It has front swings and tilts, and rear swings and tilts and rear shift. I've done my best to illustrate the movements in the photos.

    The back is an international (Graflock) back that revolves 360 degrees.

    I believe I'm asking a fair price for the camera, but the words "or best reasonable offer" mean what they say!

    THE 5x7 BACK is available either with the camera or separately. It's in really nice condition. I'm selling for less than I bought it for, but reasonable offers are welcome.

    The camera weighs 9 lbs 2 oz, so I expect shipping weight would be about 10-1/2 pounds, from Zip Code 90027.

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    Looking forward to seeing the pics.

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    Interested in the camera, can you send me some pictures?



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