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    FS: Polaroid MP4 Lenses in Copal Press Shutters, and a Prontor Press Shutter

    Polaroid MP4 Lenses and Copal Press Shutters, and a Prontor Press Polaroid Shutter Alone

    127mm Tominon: $65
    75mm Tominon: $50
    Prontor Press Polaroid shutter: $45

    Priced to sell! If you don't like a price, make an offer!

    Please Note: I wait for PayPal to clear to my bank account before shipping, which takes about 3 days. Then I'll email you with delivery confirmation number (Priority Mail).

    The 127mm and 75mm lenses are unused and both have coated glass just a little dusty from storage in a drawer, and Copal Press shutters that function perfectly. Tessar designs, I'd imagine that you can count on the 127mm nearly covering 4x5, much like the Ektar of old, and the 75mm covering 6x6. By reputation, they're both good for macro photography as well.

    All three shutters are self-cocking, function perfectly, and have speeds of T, B, 1, 2, 4, 8, 15, 30, 60 and 125.

    Both shutters are standard #1 size, but their apertures are limited to the lens' maximum apertures. The shutter with the 75mm is missing a set screw on the front that would keep the front plate retaining ring from turning; it's held in place with a small piece of white tape. Replace it with black tape and nobody will notice a thing.

    The Prontor Press Polaroid shutter shutter has no retaining ring, and the aperture seems the same size as that on the 127mm's shutter mentioned above.

    Note in the last picture above how the aperture size is physically limited; this configuration is common to all three shutters.

    All three shutters could probably be used to front-mount Tominon barrel lenses, but I'm not sure about that.

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    not MP-4 lenses.

    MP-4 lenses are in barrel. Possibly MP-3 lenses, but most of those were Rodenstock Ysarons in Prontor Press shutters and there was no 127/4.7 Tominon for the MP-4.

    The 127 was sold mainly for the CU-5, is a very good lens.



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