I was going to modify this to work with my(now being sold) Arca-Swiss 8x10 camera, but since I'm stepping down to using 5x7 instead, I'm abandoning this project.
pretty good condition, not shoddy quality. Well put together. I don't know who made them, but they're pretty nice & heavy duty.
Bellows ARE NOT self-supporting(ala a lee stiff(stay where you put them)) bellows. They will need secondary suport on the free/unframed end.

$55 shipped in the USA for these
int'l buyer will need to add $13 for extra priority postage.
I can mark down(or as a "gift") value to negate as many customs fees as possible.

Paypal if you cover the fee(3% extra)
USPS Money Orders Preferred
Personal checks, however I'll wait 7 business days before shipping to make sure it fully clears(only mentioning this because I've unfortunately been stiffed one time too many :-( )

3% to APUG