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    8x10 Format

    For Sale Calumet 8X10 Enlarger W/Aristo 8X10 Cold Light Head $800.00

    For Pickup Only! Calumet 10X10 Enlarger 90.5" X 37" X 30" (size W/O table) Aristo Cold Light head. Glass Negative Carrier 2-lens boards (Calumet C-1 stlye). White Laminate table top (not made for this enlarger), 43.25" X 35.5" X 1". Has mounting holes on the bottom, which were made for different enlarger. Buyer will have to drill mounting holes for Calumet 10X10 enlarger.
    Sale includes 8X10 glass negative carrier (missing one sheet of glass, which I will replace with Anti-Newton Ring glass) Buyer will have to cut Anti-Newton Ring glass to correct size. Will also include Kodak 8x10 yellow and magenta filters, which can be used above the negative. When using Multi-Contrast paper.
    Enlarger is very heavy, column is 5" X 7" steel, weighing 110 pounds. The head and table are geared and controlled by large cranks for easy raising and lowering. Large geared crank for coarse focus, and smaller knob for fine focus. Some rust spots from years of storage, which can be removed with naval jelly and a scotch brite pad.
    $800.00 or best offer. Enlarger is in temperature controlled storage, located in Libertyville, IL.

    Contact: John Moye Mon-Fri 9:AM-5:30:PM CST (847)816-0950
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails DC23XX_Enlarger_061.jpg   DC23XX_Enlarger_063.jpg   DC23XX_Enlarger_064.jpg   DC23XX_Enlarger_065.jpg   DC23XX_Enlarger_067.jpg  

    DC23XX_Enlarger_070.jpg   DC23XX_Enlarger_072.jpg   DC23XX_Enlarger_073.jpg   DC23XX_Enlarger_076.jpg   DSC_0066 copy.jpg  

    DSC_0052 copy.jpg   DSC_0047 copy.jpg  
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