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50 Jahre moderne Farbfotografie, 1936-1986 (German/English Edition) [Jan 01, 1986]
My last copy, except my personal copy, of one of my favorite books.

New $55
50 Years Modern Color Photography, 1936-1986/
50 Jahre moderne Farbfotografie, 1936-1986
(German and English Edition) [Hardcover] by Manfred Heiting, DGPh., Frankfurt

I am reducing my photography book library that I have acquired over several decades.

This book is one of the gems. This is quite a rare book in the United States. I have never seen copies available for sale in the US. The book was published in Germany for sale in the German market at Photokina in 1986. The only reason I have them is because in 1986 I realized that it is a wonderful book. I brought a case to the USA from Germany. I gave many of them away. I am keeping one copy and have a few left I would like to sell.

Condition: like new. They have been stored in the original packaging since 1986.
Publisher: Van Soest [distributor] (1986)
Hardcover: 364 pages
Language: text and captions in both German and English
Each page of text has two columns, one in German and one in English.
ISBN-10: 3-9800730-2-5
ISBN-13: 978-39800730-2-8
Product Dimensions: 11.2 x 9.8 x 1.3 inches
Shipping Weight: 4.4 pounds
High quality printed and bound in The Netherlands in July 1986

Paper: Pages 1-304 150 gram silk machine coated offset
Pages 305-364 80 gram wood free offset grey

This is a spectacular history of color photography because it includes a history of both materials and beautiful reproductions. There are over 464 photographs that includes the best work of master photographers as well as the work of some photographers that are previously unfamiliar to me. The work of over 350 photographers is included. I'll include the names of some that may be widely known. It is safe to say that nearly all well-known color photographers as well as many unheralded but accomplished photographers are included:

Ansel Adams, Manuel Alvarez Bravo, Sir Cecil Beaton, Stanley Bowman, Wynn Bullock, Harry Callahan, Guenther Cartwright, Lucian Clergue, Van Deran Coke, Judy Dater, Ivan Dmitri, Doc Edgerton, Jim Dow, William Eggleston, Chris Enos, Elliott Erwitt, Walker Evans, Erwin Fieger, Franco Fontana, Ralph Gibson, Ernst Haas, Betty Hahn, Hiro, David Hockney, Horst B. Horst, Eiko Hosoe, Art Kane, Yosuf Karsh, Victor Keppler, Andre Kertesz, Robert Ketchum, William Klein, Mark Kelett, Jay Maisel, Man Ray, Robert Mapplethorpe, John Margolies, Mary Ellen Mark, Joel Meyerowitz, Robert Misrach, Arnold Newman, Helmut Newton, Olivia Parker, Irving Penn, John Pfahl, Elliott Porter, Marion Post Wolcott, Stephen Shore, Lord Snowdon, Al Souza , Edward Steichen, Paul Strand, Joyce Tennyson, Pete Turner, Jerry Uelsman, Andy Warhol, William Wegman, Cole Weston, Edward Weston, Don Worth, Max Yavno.

The film history and the chronology section is written by Gert Koshofer and Horst W. Staubach the undisputed World experts on the history of color films.

Forward by Manfred Heiting 3-7

1936-1946 by Koshofer and Staubach 8-9
AGFACOLOR by Gert Koshofer 10-16
KODACHROME by Horst W. Staubach 17-25
1936-1946 Images 39 images 27-48

1946-1956 Diana Edkins Richardson 49-50
1946-1956 Images 39 images 51-70

1956-1966 by Freddy Langer 71-72
1956-1966 Images 28 images 73-90

1966-1976 by Lorenzo Merlo 91-92
1966-1976 Images 40 images 93-116

1976-1986 by Sally Eauclaire 118-120

Autonomy of Color by Klaus Honnef 121-122
318 images 123-303

Originals on loan from 305-306

Photographer over 350 photographers whose
Biographies work is in the book , 50-to
120-word biographies 307-355

Cronology 1936 – 1986 357-363

Advanced Photography [Jun 01, 1980] Langford , Michael
Used - Very Good $14
American Icons [Paperback] [May 15, 2003] Gottlieb, Steve
Used - Like New $15

American Image, Photographing One Hundred Fifty Years in the Life of aNation
by Martin Sandler, 1989 0-8092-4381-4 excellent condition w/DJ. 9.5 x 1 ¼ 264 pages $16

American Photography: A Century of Images by Goldberg and Silberman.
This was the companion book for the PBS special of the same name. American Photography: A Century of Images offers a dynamic look at the twentieth century's most pervasive visual medium. Examining the powerful role that photography has played in shaping our time, it focuses on 100 key photographs — one for each year of the century. Ranging from established artistic treasures to everyday snapshots to records of momentous historical events, these images, plus more that 75 others, chart the American experience from its grandest to its most intimate moments. $19

Bibliography of photographic processes in use before 1880
Their materials, processing, and conservation [Jan 01, 1980] Barger, M. Susan
Used - Very Good

Colour Photography in Practice (The Focal library) [Oct 01, 1966] Spencer, D.A.; Mannheim, L.A. and Hanworth, 2nd Viscount
Used - Very Good $20

Creative Photography: Aesthetic Trends 1839-1960 [Hardcover] [Jan 01, 1962] Gernsheim, Helmut
Collectible - Very Good $38

Curious Moments [Feb 01, 2008] Hendrik Neubauer
Used - Like New $12

EUGENE ATGET from Aperature Masters of Photograph Series. Essays by Ben Lifson. 1997
Like new w/ DJ $10

George Eastman: A Biography [Apr 12, 1996] Brayer, Elizabeth
Collectible signed by Author - Like New $50

Great Photographers of the American West by Weber 11 x 14 inches 112 pages, 1993. $18
Excellent quality reproductions on high-quality coated paper. Beautiful Dust-jacket.

This volume features more than 80 glorious images of the pristine beauty and native inhabitants of the American West taken by the greatest photographers of their time: Ansel Adams, Edward S Curtis, Alexander Gardner, Laura Gilpin, William Henry Jackson, Eadweard Muybridge, Timothy O’Sullivan, and others. i.e. Solomon D. Butcher, F. J. Haynes, John Hillers, Andrew J. Russell, William Soule, Adam Clark Vroman, Ben Wittick.

In the second half of the 19th century, photographers ventured into the American West to record for posterity its majestic pristine beauty, unusual land formations, native inhabitants, and development. By responding to the nation's growing interest in the West, these intrepid photographers not only shaped and influenced America's image of herself at the time, but also left us in future generations a bountiful legacy of visual images that provide a remarkable historic record of the land and its people.

In an attempt to preserve dramatic views of nature prompted the work of Carleton Watkins, and Edward Muybridge, who first traveled to Yosemite from San Francisco in the 1860. These and other photographs of the grandeur of the West invoke the nation's highest aesthetic ideals, deepest religious convictions, and optimism about the future of America.

At the same time other photographers, a number of whom had honed their skills by documenting the Civil War, went West to join government railroad-sponsored expeditions. Timothy O'Sullivan Andrew Russell, Alexander Gardner, William Henry Jackson, John Hiller's, and others recorded the region's magnificent mountain scenery and unique wonders, heroically risking their lives to capture for science impasse clarity the West distinctive features. Decades later, Ansel Adams assume the mantle of the pioneering landscape photographers.

History of Color Photography, by Joseph S. Friedman, PH. D. [Hardcover] [Jan 01, 1945] JOSEPH
B001UP39LQ Used - Very Good $100

History of Photography Techniques and Equipment, Wills, Camfield and Deirdre, 8.5 x 12" 188 pages with dust jacket 1980 $18
Photography offers is a unique combination of art and technology study of its history must establish a link between these two disciplines in order to effectively explain effectively the fascinating relationship with his contributed much to the way we see the world about us

History of photography Natalie traces the development of the image making process in the photographic equipment which he evolved from them, but also chronicles the lives of photographers and others who help shape the course of photographic industry, men like the Garrett, Fox Talbot, Eastman, fed and. This absorbing book also offers a fascinating insight into the effect of photography had on art, science, communication, education, industry and war. As well as giving general survey of the explosion of interest in the artifacts of photography. Is that the, the book presents profusely illustrated guide to all collectors on sources, in conditions of supply, fraud, public collections in museums of photographic literature. 230 illustrations, 80 in color,

John Carbutt on the Frontiers of Photography [Jun 01, 1985] Brey, William
Used - Very Good $50

Leica: The First Fifty Years [Hardcover] [Jan 01, 1977] Rogliatti, G.
Used – Acceptable, tape on cover $15

Making a photograph Adams, Ansel, : An introduction to photography (How to do it series) [Jan 01, 1948]
Used - Very Good $100

McKeown's Price Guide to Antique & Classic Cameras 1995-96 (Price Guide to Antique and Classic Cameras) [Hardcover] [Jun 03, 1994] James M. McKeown & Joan C. McKeown
Collectible - Like New $50

On Photography, A Source Book of Photo History in Facsimile, edited by Beaumont Newhall ©1956.
Has actual copies of the original publications or translations, all in English.
Excellent condion, no DJ. Some interal ownership stamps but no damage or handwitten notes. $22

Photography's great inventors, [Jan 01, 1965] Sipley, Louis Walton
Used – Good $50

Photography, Its Principles and Practice
[Hardcover] [Jan 01, 1942] Neblette, C. B.
Used – Acceptable $12

Photography: Adapted from the Life Library of Photography [ILLUSTRATED] [May 31, 1989] Barbara London Upton and John Upton 0673398420 $13

Principles of Color Photography, Evans, Hanson, and Brewer, first edition 1953. 6x9 inches. 710 pages with dust jacket. $75

This book presents the theory behind color photography, providing a basis for understanding its principles and unique problems. In this book, three Eastman Kodak scientists provide a valuable basis for understanding the problems of color photography. The main emphasis is on understanding principles which will not only give the reader a solid command fundamentals will also help them appreciate the novel problems involving color photography. This is the only available book on the subject which stresses the development of basic theory.

The sections on vision will appeal particularly to engineers and scientists in color television and in other fields in which practical problems relating to colorimetry and psychological aspects of color vision are encountered. The sections on sensitometry will appeal to those concerned with measuring and describing images in color, including the construction of instruments for such measurements.

The analysis and description of methods of attaining color and images and combining them to obtain color processes is analytical and should be of tremendous interest to all scientists as it is one of the few attempts which have been made to systematically classify color processes. Here also is a review and analysis of the development of reproduction theory for color photographic processes, of general scientific i love nterest and especially interesting to those concerned with the theory of color reproduction and related fields.

The knowledge included here regarding color and color reproduction is timeless and is the basis for modern color devices.

South Southeast [Hardcover] [Aug 29, 2000] McCurry, Steve
Collectible Signed by Steve - Like New $105

Stereoviews Illustrated: Fifty Early American
[Jun 01, 1994] Norton, Russell
Used - Very Good $35

The History of Photography, Volume II: The Rise of Photography, 1850-1880: The Age of Collodion.
[Hardcover] [Jan 01, 1987]
Used - Very Good $45

The History of three-color photography, [Jan 01, 1925]
Wall, E. J,
Used - Very Good $275

The Western Photographs of John McCain. Hiller's, Myself In The Water by Fowler, $20
9x 11 inches 166 pages with dust jacket. Excellent like-new condition.
Many 19th century Americans experience their first photographic glimpse of the American West to the lens and John K.. Hillers. As a photographer for the Smithsonian institution's Bureau of American Ethnology And for the United States Geological Survey, Hillers had an unparalleled opportunity to capture the dramatic "second opening" of the West.

Significant amount of text that dicuss the subjects and the photographer.