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    For Sale 5X7 Cold Light Enlarger

    $300.00 or best offer. 5X7 Enlarger with Aristo cold light head. 7 feet tall, 20" X 30" at the base. Easel base is 19" front to back. 24" left to right. Sale includes 210mm enlarging lens (on lens board), two extra lens boards, and 5X7 glass negative carrier. Enlarger head is raised & lowered by motor. Fine focus is by hand. Bellows are in good shape, with no holes or cracks. Easel base not shown in photos, as enlarger is in temperature controlled storage unit. I can sell buyer either a glassless Omega F 5X7 negative carrier ($35.00) or Beseler Spring loaded (keeps negative from popping or buckling) 5X7 negative carrier ($70.00)
    Contact: John Moye 9:AM-5:30:PM. Mon-Fri. (847)816-0950
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails DSC_0016 copy.jpg   DSC_0022 copy.jpg   DSCF8532 copy.jpg   DSCF8533 copy.jpg   DSC_0026.jpg  

    DSC_0032 copy.jpg   DSC_0040 copy.jpg   DSC_0030 copy.jpg  
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    That is a very good deal! A ready to go 5X7 enlarger is a rare thing indeed.

    I am not in the market, but I would love to see images the base of it someday, for my enlarger research. I am learning, I am not an expert.

    It resembles this past APUG listing. http://www.apug.org/forums/archive/i...p/t-95282.html

    I have seen one operate, and it is cool the way it motors up and down, has a fan suction/blowing up inside the main tube and does white or black enlargement vignetting.

    5X7 is so much easier than 8X10, in many ways. Smaller, duh, cameras, lower film cost, cheaper enlargers and much smaller size. if you have room for a 4x5 enlarger you have room for this.

    Do not hesitate.

    Phil, are you paying attention?



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