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    FS Mamiya 7 Body with 65mm & 80mm Lenses

    Mamiya 7 Rangefinder body is a (6x7) 120/220 Medium Format Camera, serial number PG1707. The camera shows signs of use. However, just some light surface marks, base plate has some wear marks. I am rating the cosmetics 8+ out of 10 (see attachments). The shutter, meter and rangefinder are operating properly and accurately. The viewfinder is clear and free of dust. No front body cap.

    Mamiya 7 65mm f/4 Great used lens, glass is clean and clear. Focuses very smoothly and aperture ring clicks positively. This is my walk around lens for the system. Sale includes lens, cap and a skylight filter.

    Mamiya 7 80mm used lens - looks new, I did not use this lens too much. The glass is clean and clear. Focuses very smoothly and aperture ring clicks positively. Sale includes lens, cap, and a skylight filter.

    Mamiya 7 body with the two described lenses above - $1,680 as kit.

    Sold separately, as described above: Mamiya body $1,000. 65mm f4 Lens $525. 50mm f4 Lens $390.
    Note: I am interested in selling the camera with the lenses to a dedicated film photographer as a whole setup, rather than piece the equipment individually.

    Sale to US buyer - free shipping/insurance. Out of country buyer must pay shipping and insurance. Buyer must use paypal.

    I am regretfully selling this camera because I have looked for a Mamiya 6 for many months. The Mamiya 6 was desired for a special project that only a ‘square’ formatted camera can deliver. I recently purchased a 60’s vintage Rollieflex to start my portrait project, so the Mamiya 7 is sitting on the shelf unused. The camera is better off in the hands of someone who will put it to work. More photographs upon request from an interested buyer.

    Thank you for looking,

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 026.jpg   016.jpg   020.jpg  



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