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    FS: Yashica FX-7 (or FX-3) re-do...

    Can't forget these models, can we? Not if we're talking about leatherette covers which all went to pot a few years after the camera was sold. So, in the spirit of offering the same thing...$8.10 will get you a nice new cover for your camera and that price includes the cost of postage. Make it look really fly before you head out for vacation!

    In contrast to some of the other kits, I have a selection here:

    There are 2 blue kits in composite leather. This is a dark blue (approaching navy blue).
    There are 2 blue kits marked genuine leather, but I think they're composite leather (they look identical to the ones above but almost imperceptibly lighter in color)
    And the rest are in composite or artificial leather and are black (like the Contax kits)

    An image of the Contax kit is shown below. In this kit you also receive the round piece for the self-timer.

    If questions please ask.

    PayPal ok for international buyers but mail-in payments for USA buyers, please.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Contax 139 cover.jpg  



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