Six (6) Eyepieces
Carl Zeiss Jena K5x, K7x, Kpl8x, Kpl10x, Kpl12.5x
Bausch & Lomb 7.5x Micrometer

Seven (7) Objectives in original plastic lens cases
Carl Zeiss Jena: Apochromat 20/0.65/0.17; Planapo 25/.065, Apochromat 40/.065; Apochromat HI 60, Planapo 100/1.3 oel;
Bausch & Lomb: 48mm/0.08; Apochromat 61X;

These are in excellent condition in original cases. Actual selling prices (not pie in the sky asking prices) indicate these would bring a total of approximately $1500. Asking $1,200 for the lot, 13 pieces plus shipping from Tacoma, WA.

Photos on request.

Will consider selling individual pieces.

Will ship to UK, Japan, US and Canada.

If interested please send private message.