I have a super duper Computar DL enlarging lens for sale. It literally took me years to find one, and now I have it, its lost its allure...

Its in seriously good condition. I had a 50mm Computar before with balsam separation and this one definitely doesnt have it. To be completely honest, I cannot see any difference between this and my Nikon, other than the Nikon is shorter at 50mm and therefore I am keeping that instead. This allegedly rivals the best of them, but its lost on me and I'd rather spend the money on beer or paper. Or both.

Asking GBP 60, plus postage at cost which is probably GBP 5 through Paypal. Will donate 10% of price to APUG, ie GBP 6 on completion of sale. Open to offers. Will get around to editing this with a photo when I get some time. Sorry, UK sales only.

All the best