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    35mm RF

    Leica M2, 90 Elmar, Canon 35/2.8, Cases & Straps

    Have the following for sale-

    $725 Leica M2, Exc+ condition; cosmetically as seen, functions perfectly, film winding a bit stiff, VF bright frame lines crisp.
    $150 Leica Elmar 90/F4 LTM , with cap and bubble case, smooth focus and f-stops, few fine scratches, body shows its age.
    $230 Luigi half case and strap for M9/M8 as show, excellent condition.
    $200 Luigi half case “special with fixed strap for M2/3/4/6 etc.
    $75 Luigi Black Deluxe camera strap with pad x2, each in excellent condition, on one
    “for Leica”, and nothing on the other.
    $380 Canon LTM 35mm F2.8 with ND filter and UV filters in case. No scratches, hardly any marks on body, Exc+ condition.

    Have bought and sold plenty here.
    Prices include shipping + Paypal in CONUS.
    Willing to ship overseas, but will add 1% for Paypal and shipping at cost.
    Don't want any of it back, unless description inaccurate.
    Don't want any of it back unless description inaccurate.

    Prices are "guesstimates". Make an offer if you like...

    more pictures here... http://bit.ly/14gKAYF

    Click image for larger version. 

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