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    FS: Konica Minolta Dimage Scan Multi PRO film scanner

    Product Information
    The Dimage scan multi PRO is a desktop scanner for multi-format film printing. The digital ICE technology of this Konica Minolta desktop scanner improves and enhances the quality of your image or data by removing dust particles. The maximum resolution of 4,800 dpi in this Konica Minolta digital film scanner gives you crisp and sharp output. With the 8-bit or 16-bit scanning modes, the Dimage scan multi PRO delivers colorful, vibrant and close to original scans. The RGB CCD sensor in this Konica Minolta desktop scanner gives you greater accuracy by letting you do one-pass scanning. The GEM technology used in this Konica Minolta digital film scanner automatically increases the clarity of a scanned film image while protecting its colors and sharpness.

    Brand: Konica Minolta
    Model: Multi PRO
    MPN: 2887-301
    UPC: 043325992636

    Technical Details
    Type: Slide & Film Scanner
    Family Line: Konica Minolta Dimage Scan
    Form Factor: Desktop
    Supported Operating Systems: Apple MacOS 8, Apple MacOS 9, Microsoft Windows 2000 Pro, Microsoft Windows 98, Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition, Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition, Microsoft Windows NT, Microsoft Windows XP, Windows 7
    Color Depth: 16 Bit
    Film Scanning Capabilities: 35mm Filmstrip, 120 (6x9)
    Scanning Resolution: 4800 x 4800 DPI
    Focus Option: Auto Focus, Manual
    Connectivity: FireWire, SCSI-3 Ultra Wide (16-bit), Ultra SCSI
    Input Type: Color
    Media Type: 35 mm Film, Medium Format (6x645,6x7) Film, Positive and Negative, Slides
    Scanning Element Type: CCD
    Features: Preview Speed 9 Sec
    Media Load Type: Autoload, Manual Load

    Width: 6.62 in.
    Depth: 14.85 in.
    Height: 5.04 in.
    Weight: 8.82 lb.

    I am selling my very much beloved Minolta Dimage Scan Multi PRO multi-format scanner. It has been used sparingly to scan my medium format colour neg 6x7 and 6x17 panos. It has been my absolute pride and joy and continues to output amazing scans. I have made approximately 100 scans over the past 2 years. This unit is lightly used and in good working condition (I ran a test scan prior to listing).

    Why am I selling this? I would never ever ever sell this item in a million years if I was able to continue developing film. Quite frankly I would possibly take a bullet for this scanner that is how much I cherish it. However due to family/relationship circumstances I have made the choice to let go of my analogue ways. This scanner belongs with someone who understands its value and who will get as much joy and satisfaction from it as I have.

    This scanner model is discontinued BUT extremely highly sort after by serious photographers and archivists. It is Minolta's ultimate film scanner for 35mm and medium format, directly competes with Nikon Coolscan 9000ED. It is much smaller than Nikon 9000ED (saves space) and scans as good as 9000ED. It comes with a glass holder, ready to scan medium format film at great flatness, whereas you have to buy expensive glass holder for Nikon scanner separately. It has been tested right before I put the scanner up for sale. Testing results were great with many details and good color. Digital ICE works very well to remove dusts and scratches on the film. There is no functional defect of the scanner and it is guaranteed to work as it should. The optics locking screw will be in place before shipping to avoid shipping damage to the optics (see last picture). Once you receive the scanner, please make sure to remove it before powering up. Voltage range is 100-240V and can be used in any country. I will carefully package the scanner for shipping and will purchase full shipping insurance to cover accidental loss or damage during shipping so you will have nothing to lose.

    Please note - I would ideally love to find a buyer in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Any buyers welcome (I would just get nervous shipping this overseas but would take every precaution to ensure it was packaged correctly).

    Here is the list of items included in this listing:

    Minolta Dimage Scan Multi Pro Scanner
    SH-P1 adapter (to scan 35mm mounted slides)
    FH-P1 adapter (to scan 35mm strip film)
    UH-P1 universal adapter (to attach HA-P1, HA-P2 holder)
    HA-P1 glass holder (to scan 120/220 medium format film and Xpan panorama format film)
    HA-P2 holder (to scan 120/220 medium format film)
    HA-P3 holder (including MultiPro Xpander with two masks 6x7 and 6x9*)
    5 Film masks (6x4.5, 6x6, 6x7, 6x8, 6x9 format)
    1394 firewire cable (to connect the scanner to your computer with 1394 interface)
    SCSI cable (to connect the scanner to your computer with SCSI interface)
    Power cable (to power up the scanner)
    Instruction manual (English)
    Original Minolta Scan software CD
    Original Minolta factory box (for maximum protection during shipping)
    Medium format SCANHANCER*

    *MultiPro Xpander is high quality custom made 35mm film support for Minolta Dimage MultiPro film scanner. It allows you to scan your 35mm film in various custom formats (24x36, 24x58, 24x59, 24x65, 24x66, you name it) up to maximum scan area of 25x84mm in true 4800dpi mode, while it lays perfectly flat under single glass surface of MultiPro's HA-P3 Multi Format Attachment to achieve maximum edge to edge sharpness. It consists of two parts: Holder and Mask. Together, they lay in Universal Holder UH-P1 instead of lower part of HA-P3 and are pressing precisely positioned film against HA-P3's upper glass.
    Only very small area around the scan opening is pressing the film against the glass. That helps relieving inner tensions in film that come from accumulated heat during scan and minimize possibility for Newton rings and unsharp zones in scan area.

    *SCANHANCER 5LE is a 'smart' diffuser, treating the overly collimated scanner light so that much better scans are now possible, rivaling drum scan quality by mimicking the effects of wet mounting. The SCANHANCER is made of a high quality non-extruded optical polymer containing billions of micro bubbles. This makes it highly light transmissive, when compared to grained or frosted diffusing materials. It has no visible structure, so that is cannot disturb the image quality of scans. It is difficult to get your hands on these.
    NOTE: The combination of the Xpander and the Scanhancer (both additions to the MultiPro scanner) give the absolute highest quality scanning results. In my experience these results directly rival drum scans of the highest order.
    Please check the spec of the scanner on Minolta website to find out if the scanner is compatible with your computer and operating system. I highly recommend that you use Vuescan (third party scan software). It works very well with the scanner and can run on most of the operating systems. If you need my help with anything, please do not hesitate to ask. The pictures are of the actual scanner and accessories. Please refer to the list of items included in this listing.
    Please look at my great feedback and buy with confidence.

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. I will try to answer your question as soon as possible. Serious buyer only. Local buyers are welcome to schedule a pickup in person, please contact me before making payment.

    POSTAGE: Will be charged AT COST registered to your destination (inclusive of insurance). Local pickup most welcome.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails $T2eC16VHJH8E9qSEWJ3,BRm17Eyk0!~~60_57.JPG   $T2eC16FHJGQFFh9P6KE)BRm2!-))sw~~60_57.JPG   $(KGrHqVHJE4FGBKnjsr)BRm17BchWQ~~60_57.JPG  

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    Did I miss the price?
    steve barry
    my stuff

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    Hi Steve,

    $2000 (AUD) ono


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