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    Bargain 35mm Cameras, Lenses, and Accessories

    I'm cutting the prices on a few items I've had for sale here that need to be sold. Prices are firm, but fair.

    Rollei 35SE. Has the wonderful Sonnar 40mm F2.8 lens. The Sonnar is one of the best prime 35mm format lenses ever made - use it and see - no hyperbole here! The camera is in very good condition with a clean, clear, scratch-free lens. The meter works and is within about 1/2 stop of spec with the existing installed old mercury battery according to a professional check I just had made (note that I cannot ship the camera with a battery - USPS rules). This might be improvable with the usual battery fiddling and converting that one sometimes needs to do with older cameras if one wants to use the meters as is. Has a minor dent/ding on one corner of the top cover. Here is lot of sharp image capability and portability for the price. Price: $150 plus insured shipping and PayPal fee

    Meyer-Optic Gorlitz Telemegor 150mm F5.5 for Exakta and early Topcon mount SLR. The condition is good for its age. The optics are clean except perhaps for a faint layer of dust, or haze, or perhaps coating blemish (not sure, but it's only evident under bright light and won't impact results). Clean iris, smooth mechanics. Beautiful piece for Exakta fans (like me). Price: $65 plus shipping

    Canon 50mm F1.8 lens for Leica thread mount rangefinders. This is the late production black version of this lens which has a well deserved reputation as a great shooter particularly for the modest price (by rangefinder lens standards). The lens is in excellent condition. The glass is clear, clean and problem-free. The mechanical motions are smooth. There is a tiny bit of oil on the tips of the iris blades (which impacts nothing). Sold as shown with original front cap and new aftermarket rear cap. Price: $200 plus PayPal fee and insured shipping

    Leica 5cm F3.5 collapsible Elmar for LTM. The serial number is 595112, an early 1945 serial number possibly indicating this is "war-time" Leica. I had this lens CLA'ed recently (receipt included). There remains what is possibly (not sure) a very faint layer of haze and/or coating imperfection seen only under very bright light (which describes most Elmars), but the overall glass aspect is substantially clear and clean and I'm sure it would take pictures as-new. (My tech told me he did his best to clean this lens while not risking leaving internal scratches.) The iris is clean and the action smooth. The focus motion is smooth and precise. There are a smattering of micro-scratches and a bit of pitting on the barrel, all pretty normal for a 68 y/o Elmar, but overall this is a very decent lens. Sold as shown with original front cap in good shape which has a little sticker that says "Germany" on the inside surface. Price: $250 plus insured shipping and PayPal fee

    Mamiya-Sekor 180mm F4.5 for the RB67 system. The mechanical and optical condition is very good. Sold as shown with rear cap. Price: $80 plus insured shipping

    Book: "The Olympus OM Way" by*L.A. Mannheim 1979. This is a 450 page compendium on the OM system as of 1979. This is an extensively illustrated hardback full of technical information about the OM1, 2 and all accessories. Hardback in good shape with original dust cover, By Focal Press. A real nice item for OM system devotees. I can ship this by economical Media Mail USPS service to USA based members. Price: $14 plus shipping

    Miscellaneous items some are new:

    - Bay-1 X1 multicoated for TLR. Cased, boxed, with data sheet. $9 plus shipping
    - Vivitar 40.5mm Light Green No. 11 (X1). Cased, boxed, with data sheet. $9 plus shipping
    - Vivitar 43mm Skylight 1A. Cased, boxed with data sheet. $9 plus shipping
    - Vivitar 43mm Deep Yellow No. 15 (G). Cased, boxed with data sheet. $9 plus shipping
    - Vivitar 43mm Deep Yellow No. 8 (K2). Cased, boxed with data sheet. $9 plus shipping
    - Kalimar 43mm Yellow No. K2. Cased, boxed with cool retro data sheet. $9 plus shipping
    - Minolta 49mm UV filter. Cased and boxed (nice!). $9 plus shipping
    - Milo Orange O2 for B50 Hasselblad mount. Cased, boxed with data sheet. $9 plus shipping
    - Milo Green X1 multicoated for B50 Hasselblad mount. Cased, boxed with data sheet. $9 plus shipping
    - Milo Green X1 72mm. Cased, boxed with data sheet. $14 plus shipping
    - LTM->M Adapter 28-90mm. Boxed. $14 plus shipping
    - Metz Mecablitz 202/4 Flash Bracket. Boxed. $7 plus shipping
    - Arista 50mm F3.5 enlarger lens - looks unused. $9 plus shipping
    - Prinz film trimming guide for Leica Barnack's. Leica ABLON copy. $30 plus shipping
    - Honeywell-Nikkor film canister opener tool. $8 plus shipping


    - Lucky SHD 100 black and white. 36 exp rolls - May 2012 dating. I have about 10 rolls (need to check) - $3/roll plus shipping

    I ship to most countries. I accept checks and PayPal. Customs forms are always prepared with accurate item value. International shipping is not refundable in the event of a return.
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