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    Minolta Autocord LMX - Serviced, Modded, Quirky User

    Up for sale is my 1958 Minolta Autocord LMX, its lens caps, and a bayonet-1 lens hood. I've uploaded lots of pictures here.

    I purchased this camera in 2003 from eBay, and had it CLA'd by Paul Ebel. I had it CLA'd in 2009 to fix a frame spacing issue. It was CLA'd again in 2010 by Karl Bryan, and he also fixed a broken focusing knob and replaced the taking lens (the original had element separation). Here's his description of the work performed (I'll e-mail the service record conversations on request):

    Services performed were:
    replacement taking lens set
    remove/install new WLF screw
    check shutter, no CLA needed
    check flash
    check film counter
    check film wind
    relube focus helix/install rebuilt focus lever
    clean mirror
    clean ground glass/Fresnel lens
    collimate taking lens
    set viewing lens infinity
    When I purchased this camera in 2003, its original leather was in bad shape. I replaced the leather with British Racing Green calfskin from Cameraleather.com. There's one crease in the leather shown in the photos on the upper left side of the camera near the film spool release.

    The selenium meter is working and accurate enough for print film.

    There's one issue -- when I changed a roll of film while the camera was mounted on a tripod, Karl Bryan's replacement focus knob broke off. The camera is still eminently usable and focusable using just the replacement focusing lever -- lots of detail photos shown here.

    As the above description should indicate, I've put a lot of money and time into this camera over the past ten years. It's a great quirky user.

    $400 net to me, with payment via Paypal or money order. USPS insured priority mail shipment in the US, USPS insured priority mail international shipment outside the US, with buyer to pay shipment costs. I'm also open to trades for a working user 4x5 kit. (Speed graphic w/ a graflok back and a good FP shutter would be awesome.)

    Please let me know if you have any questions!
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