Hi gang

I've been sorting through stuff, and have found a few things I no longer need (because I've sold the lens, or because I have no idea why I have so many of something) so I thought I'd offer them here....

Canon ET78-II Hood (Genuine) - Suits EF180 macro and EF 135/2 - used and in good condition - $15
Canon BT 55 Hood (original Canon - plastic hood) - from memory this suits a Old FD 85/1.8 and 100mm/2.8 - VG condition - $10

Hoya 49mm close up lenses - +1,+2,+3 in original plasic cases and boxes (as new) - $15 for the 3

Hoya 49mm close up filters in soft vinyl case - +1,+2,+4 (as new) - $15

2 Hoya B30 filters to suit Yashica, most Minolta and Rollei TLR's - UV and Orange filter - VG condition in original plastic cases - $10 for both

All prices are in US$, and postage is extra. Payment by paypal - postage is at cost, and no extra charges for paypal. Will make a donation to APUG once goods are sold