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    FS: Fuji GF670 medium format folding rangefinder

    For sale is my Fuji gf670 camera in silver color. The camera is in excellent condition with some light sign of use with very light bright marks and wear marks from normal use. It is still a very pretty camera and you have to look hard to find the signs of use. It's just not a "mint" shelf queen. The functions all work like new, opens and closes like new, focus smooth and silky, shutter spot on, metering accurate. This camera takes either 6x6 or 6x7 cm negatives depending on how you set it before loading film. The lens is pristine, never been touched. The viewfinder is crystal clear and bright, one of the best viewfinders ever! The rangefinder is accurate and easy to see and use. This also comes with the optional hood as shown. No box. Price is $1350 delivered, fees included in price.

    Sale for USA only at this time.
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