The following items are for sale. I will post pics tomorrow.

Nikon F5 (still searching for charger) with a Nikon strap - Good condition - $300.00
Nikon speedlight SB24- good condition $55.00
Nikkor 105mm f1.8 ais - good condition (i think) - when I look through the lens, it appears dusty, but I don't know what this means. $450.00
Leica Minilux zoom titanium 3.5-6.5 (35-70mm) - with leather case - like new. (maybe never used) $220.00
Leica CF flash, for minilux - very good. ($ I HAVE NO CLUE HOW MUCH! $$$)

Brand new Nikon Bag, that was designed for the f5 with a couple lenses I believe. $50

I'd like to get some cash, but I would be interested in a possible trade. Lately I've been interested in a Leica CL/Minolta CLE, or a Contax T, or a Olympus 35RC.

PM me if interested.