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    FS: Yashica FX-103 Program with 2 Lenses and extras

    Body with strap, Yashica 42-75 mm zoom lens, Starblitz 28-135 mm zoom lens, [2] extra rear lens caps, and instruction manuals for FX-103 and 24-75 mm zoom.

    Body in good condition, maybe KEH EX-, lenses EX- to EX+; the coin slot in its plastic battery cover is slightly deformed, but seems to be a common part shared by the various Cosina-built chassis of similar vintage [It looks identical to the one on my Ricoh KR-5III].

    This was given to me by my daughter-in-law's father, a Pastor, who was presented it by a parishoner. Since he's firmly digital and knew well of my GAS and growing collection, he passed it along. I cleaned it up, put a proper strap on it, checked it and found it working, but didn't verify accuracy of meter or shutter, only that timing varied by light level, and shutter operates at full range of speeds.

    $50 OBO, shipment via US Postal Service ; Paypal strongly preferred, anything else delays shipment until funds clear.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Conv_FX103.bundle-DSC_0723.jpg   Conv_FX103.camera.body+42-75.zoom+strap-DSC_0713.jpg   Conv_FX103.camera.body+42-75.zoom+strap-DSC_0711.jpg   Conv_FX103.camera.body+42-75.zoom+strap-DSC_0710.jpg   Conv_FX103.Starblitz.28-135zoom-DSC_0718.jpg  

    Conv_FX103.Starblitz.28-135zoom-DSC_0693.jpg   Conv_FX103.Starblitz.28-135zoom-DSC_0715.jpg   Conv_FX103.manuals+extras-DSC_0721.jpg  



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