For all you KMV 8x10 camera owners out there, if you're in need of a few small parts(2 of the 3 KMV cameras I've been in possession of have had missing screws!), here's your chance to pick up some spares!

WYSIWYG. Hope my pictures are clear enough.
***I ALSO have some BRAND NEW, tripod sockets I had made(I wanted a backup or two, in case I needed another one down the road in 50yrs )....

So here's pricing:

Misc screws(entire bunch sold together)
$20 shipped in the USA

(3) KMV 1/4-20 tripod sockets
One is a brass/aluminum allow(left one) and the other 2 are solid brass(SKGrimes made):
$75 EACH, shipped in the USA *Cost me $85 each + shipping(and a 8 week wait time!)

Paypal is fine, but I'd prefer a USPS Money Order.
Int'l shipping is fine, will cost an extra $8 for 1st class postage in a bubble envelope.