I have a box of Polaroid Type 55 positive-negative film purchased in-date at Huntís Photo in Malden, MA. It went from their refrigerator into mine, where it has been ever since. It is sealed and appears as if it just came from the factory. The expiration date is February 2005. It has never been frozen while in my possession, just refrigerated. I have no idea if the pods have dried out, but have read in many places that the negative can be developed in normal fashion Ė itís basically Panatomic-X.

I came to LF quite late in the life of Polaroid and have never worked with any of it. I was always reluctant to use this because I figured Iíd end up wasting a good bit of it learning its characteristics, leaving me with just a few sheets of a film Iíd never be able to get again. Itís time to pass it on to someone whoíll make better use of it and free up some refrigerator space, which will please my wife.

Igor has a 2009-dated box on eBay right now for $252 shipped. I would like $135 for this box, which includes US shipping. Please send me an email if you're interested.