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    FS: R.H. Phillips 11x14 Explorer

    Hey all,

    Plans have changed for me. Sticking with just 5x7 now.
    •Camera is in great shape, some wear here and there. Please see pictures(link below to all of them). Bellows(original ones) had some pinholes in the corners, but I patched them.
    •Ground glass is brand new, Steve Hopf made borosilicate glass w/ a 1" clear grid. You can see the g/g all the way into the corners with this one(great for your contact printing folks!
    •Max bellows draw is 28", minimum is 5.5" (both w/ a flat board).
    •Weighs 12lbs(5.44kg) *as-shown in pictures, w/o lens*
    •Takes standard Sinar lensboards

    Included in this sale:
    1. Camera
    2. Steve Hopf borosilicate ground glass w/ 1" square, transparent grid
    3. Plexiglass ground glass protector/shield(has good bit of wear)
    4. (1) Sinar copal 0 board
    5. Tenba padded case(shown in photos)

    All available photos can be seen here:

    Price & shipping:
    $8500 + shipping/insurance/packaging costs, available to ship worldwide
    USA shipping will be via UPS Ground, Int'l shipping will be determined according to preference of buyer, and/or a certain method will allow full insurance
    (I prefer UPS for items of this value, but we'll see).
    Cashier's check or bank x-fer please. Paypal if you cover the fees(3% of total w/ shipping)
    Camera will be shipped double-boxed, and ground glass will be removed and wrapped separately of camera, albeit all shipped together.

    Please send questions you might have via PM here


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