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    FS: Rollei 6008 & 80 f/2.8

    For sale is a complete and wonderful Rollei 6008 kit with everything you need to get started in medium format photography. I have two of these, but only need one.

    All items are fully functional and in excellent condition. Please refer to the detailed pictures of the actual items.

    The kit includes:

    Rollei 6008 camera body with waist level finder, 120 roll film back, action grip, and strap
    Rollei 80 f/2.8 Planar HFT lens
    Rollei 6008 prism viewfinder
    Rollei RC 120 remote shutter trigger
    3 Rollei film holders (these are used to load the film back)
    3 Rolls of Fuji Astia 120 roll film (slightly out of date, but still good)
    Rollei Charger
    Rollei SCA 356 (allows use of Metz flashes and TTL metering - flash not included)
    Tamrac bag to hold everything

    Some of the accessories alone are quite valuable such as the SCA 356 and Fuji Astia film (which Fuji only recently stopped making)

    This is a magnificent medium format camera system and you get everything in the pictures (plus the Tamrac bag).

    Asking $1299 net.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails IMG_1442.jpg   IMG_1449.jpg   IMG_1454.jpg   IMG_1448.jpg  



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