I have more 70mm (and many other sizes) lens caps than I can probably use in this life, so it's time to part with a few of them. Here's your chance to replace that mongrel thing on your lens with the genuine article. In 70mm alone I have caps marked as Schneider, Rodenstock, Caltar, and Sinar (only one Sinar). All are used but in good condition. $7 each shipped in the US for the first one, $6 for each additional one.

International shipping is ridiculous, the minimum is $6.55 (5x the letter cost for the same weight) because the thickness of the envelope puts it into the "parcel" category, but if you're willing to pay postage I'm willing to ship.

PayPal is OK, but for something this cheap you could slip some bills into an envelope inside a folded piece of letter-paper (hint, hint). Send me an email if you're interested, I check email much more frequently than APUG itself.