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    Clearing out the equipment closet

    Nikon L35 AD

    This classic point and shoot camera is in excellent condition and comes with a strap, case and lens cap. $50

    Vivitar 85mm 1.4 for Canon

    The lens is in excellent condition except for some minor discoloration on the rubber grip. It comes with lens caps and the original box. $200

    Hasselblad Trigger Grip

    This nifty grip is for the 500 series. It works as far as I can tell and is in excellent condition. $30

    Thomas Super Safelight

    This safelight is in average condition and mostly just a little dusty from years of storage. It is fully functional however the filters need to be replaced. This is a simple, cheap and easy fix. $50

    Seal Junior Dry Mount Press with mount board

    This press is perfect for mounting small prints. It is fully functional and is in average to good condition. $50

    (2) Fidelity 8x10 Film Holders

    Both holders are near mint and barely used. If you buy them both, I will throw in an 8x10 wooden holder for free. $75 each

    (9) Fidelity and (1) Lisco Regal II 4x5 film holders

    All appear light tight and are in good condition but they have numerous stickers and markings on them. Most if not all should be removable. If you buy them all, I will throw in the wooden film holders below. $7 each

    Riteway 4x5 film holders

    All appear light tight and are in good condition but they have numerous stickers and markings on them. $6 each

    Colortran Mini Ellipse

    This light works and is in average to good condition. $50

    All prices are negotiable. Just ask.

    Terms of Sale:

    Seller accepts cash and Square (credit and debit card) for local, in-person transactions and PayPal for all other transactions. Buyer to pay credit or debit processing cost (between 2.75% and 2.9%) if used. Seller's preference is for a local, in-person cash sale otherwise items will be sold on a first come, first serve basis. Buyer to pay for shipping if used, at cost. Seller accepts no returns and there is no warranty expressed or implied.
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