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    FS: Complete Polaroid CU-5 Outfit with extras

    This is a complete Polaroid CU-5 outfit, the most complete one I've seen and owned. I have a Brand New Flash Power Unit for it too, that cost me 100.00 dollars and a lot of searching. The camera has all three spacers for 1:1, 1:2 and 1:3 macro work. The lens is a tack sharp Tominion 75mm, clear and clean with no scratches. Shutter fires accurately as well and all speeds. The handle for the camera is also included, not individually pictured. Also included is the rare polarizing filter made specifically for the CU-5. The original instructions and a hardshell case for everything is included as well. This one also uses readily available Fujifilm/pack film (3 & 1/4 x 4 & 1/4) that is readily available in color or b&w. This is a great camera that has lots of possibilities for experimental or standard macro work. I'll take $200.00 plus actual shipping costs (US ONLY PLEASE) via Fedex Ground. Pm me directly if interested please. Paypal or USPS money order is fine.
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