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    FS/FT: 210 mm f/9 Wide-angle process lens - cheap!

    For sale or trade is a PZO Poloxer 9/210 process lens. The following information comes from Arne Croell:

    "Another 210mm Poloxer, but with a maximum opening of f/9 (fig. 8), shows steeply curved meniscus elements and is a symmetric wide angle process lens based on the Topogon type, similar to Schneiders G-Claron WA, or the Process Nikkors from Nikon."

    He gives an estimated coverage of 85 degrees, I'd say it will cover easily at least 70-72 degrees, just to stay safe. I intended to built an 8x10 hobo camera around this lens, but put together a 5x7 instead. I expect the lens to cover 8x10 straight on at f/22, possibly more (see Arne's estimated figure), but I can't be sure as I've never tested this lens for coverage.

    Comes with (104 mm diameter) slip on front cap and flange, aperture goes from f/9 to f/22. The mounting hole on the lens board should be 86 mm in diameter.

    The rear element has two deep scratches around the middle, one is 5 mm long and the other one next to it is around 1,5 (see red arrow). A drop of black ink will hide them, which I'll be happy to carefully apply if the buyer asks for it. The coatings on the outer surfaces show some degradation, but are largely present. There is some internal dust, nothing significant.

    EDIT: No haze, no fungus.

    The Rolleicord is included for scale, it is not part of this sale.

    All in all an interesting lens that has a few issues that lower the price much more than the image quality. Those who photographed with lenses in other than perfect condition know how good performers these still can be.

    Price is 45 EUR + shipping from the EU, Hungary, but I'm open to trades.

    Thanks for looking.
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