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    FS Nikor 35-105 Macro Zoom

    For sale, a Nikon 35-105 f/3.5 - 4.5 macro zoom

    I bought this lens new in the mid-80's it is a great do-everything travel lens and it has accrued a lot of Frequent Flyer miles.
    It's compact and light enough to carry all day, and gives you a nice wide angle up to portrait focal lengths in one package.
    Focus and zoom are smooth with no "zoom creep" the focus and zoom are combined on one ring, making it very fast and easy to work with.
    There are some spots on the front of the focus ring and the macro ring showing some wear, otherwise it's in excellent condition. Glass is perfect, it has had a Nikon Skylight on it most of it's life.
    I am selling it together with the N2000 in my other ad for $100.00 or $85.00 on it's own, plus shipping.
    Selling because it because I have more gear than time, and I'm heading in other directions for my 35mm photography.
    That said, I am very fond of this lens because of the quailities I listed earlier, so buy it before I change my mind
    Includes Nikon front and rear caps.

    I'll ship it anywhere, and take Paypal, cash, check, or indentured servitude for payment (outside U.S. Paypal only).
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 35-105-1.jpg   35-105-2.jpg   35-105-3.jpg   35-105-4.jpg  



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