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    FS: Two NIKON F2 Bodies with 7 Lenses, TC, Motordrive Very Nice Equipment


    Time to sell a big Nikon F2 outfit -

    All equipment has been owned by the same photographer since new. It's all in really nice used condition and fully functional, meters on the cameras are working, all the lenses focus properly and have glass free of fungus/haze/scratches/separation. All lenses come with Nikon UV filters, original lens caps and original lens hoods. This gear has been stored properly and well taken care of.

    US shipping and Paypal fees are included in the prices below. PM me with interest. Thanks!

    Nikon F2 body w/ DP-1 EX condition, light wear only. Fully functional and really nice, beautiful camera, includes strap with quick release, body cap, cable release and flash coupler - $285
    Nikon F2 body w/ DP-1 VG condition, light brassing on the bottom and corners, some wear on the prism, includes strap with quick release, body cap, a fully functional and very good shooter. $165
    300mm f/4.5 Non-Ai - EX+ condition - $199
    135mm f/2.8 Q.C. Non-Ai- EX+ condition - $135
    105mm f/2.5 Non-Ai - EX condition - $199
    24mm f/2.8 Non- Ai - VG condition
    28mm f/2.8 Ai - EX+ condition - $179
    55mm f/2.8 Micro Non-Ai w/ m2 extension tube - $115
    35mm f/2 Non-Ai - VG condition - 99
    Nikon F TC-2 2x Teleconverter, EX+ condition - $325
    Komura 2x Teleconverter for Non-Ai bodies - EX+ - $25
    Nikon MD-2 Motordrive - EX+ - very clean! - $239
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails ebay13-080-072417.jpg   ebay13-080-072418.jpg   ebay13-080-072421.jpg   ebay13-080-072422.jpg   ebay13-080-072423.jpg  

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    I am interested in cheaper F2 body and 28mm and 55mm lens.
    Still available ?
    I live in EU -Czech republic.

    Thanks for reply




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