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    Saudners Magnetic/Vacuum Easel, Bay-III Filter, Metal Lens Hoods, B50 MC Filters

    The Saunders-Omega Magnetic & Vacuum Easel Base will allow darkroom workers to obtain creative control and distortion correction with all enlargers. This device will accept Saunders Easels to 14" X 17", while panning to 360 degrees, and tilting to 90 degrees. The base may also be used as a very convenient camera support as it has a standard 1/4-20 tripod thread (see photos). New-old-stock. Box has some wear. Documentation complete but a bit yellowed with some tears. Item is in very good condition, but there are a few signs of aging (some tiny pitting on the chrome surface of a small handle part for example). $40 plus shipping

    New-old-stock (NOS) green Bayonet III (AKA Bay-3_ filter for Rolleiflex 2.8 twin lens reflex cameras. (This filter size is also sometimes referred to "B40" in Japan). This gorgeous filter is in perfect condition and is being sold with the original box, case, warranty card, and filter data sheet. $20 plus shipping

    Vivitar 82mm metal lens hood for larger lenses.This is a fine new hood, in a hard-to-find size, and well made (Japan). New-old-stock and still in the original box. $12 plus shipping

    46mm metal lens hood. This is a fine new hood, in a hard-to-find size, and made to fine old-school quality in Japan. Sold as shown with original box. $11 plus shipping

    B50 Filters for Vintage Hasselblad primes. All multicoated except (perhaps) the Hoya. Each with case and data sheet. All made in Japan to professional standards: Y2 yellow, X1 Green, Sky 1A, Orange O2, and 85A. $10 each plus shipping
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails saunders-1.JPG   saunders-2.JPG   82mm-hood-vivitar-1.JPG   b50 filters.JPG   prinz-b40-green-5.JPG  



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