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    FS: Misc Nikon & Tenba

    #1 1981 national Geographic Photographer's field guide

    with Nikon papers
    a. The Nikon System FC0-01-E03
    b. Nikon Nikkor 50mm f/1.8
    c. The Nikon Way to Photography FC7-00-E11
    d. Nikon Filters H38
    e. Nikon FE Instruction Manual (82.5.EO) &-18
    $10. Free shipping

    #2 Nikon AI Vivitar 1:1 macro Focusing Teleconverter
    Pretty clean, modest use. Perfect glass
    $50 Free shipping

    #3 Tenba case.
    Hard to describe. It is fairly flat, almost like a laptop case.
    Two inside dividers for 3 sections.
    One zippered rear storage area and one zippered long, narrow area on the bottom front, and one zippered flat storage area on the front.
    Flap is held down with Velcro, but no straps for the flap.
    May be a Messenger model. Looks like it would be useful for carrying a few 4x5 film holders in a not-so-bulky fashion
    Just a little dusty but no tears, snags. There is a small stain on the top that looks worse in the photo than in real life. Still, it's there.
    $60. Free shipping.

    US only.
    PayPal OK.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails IMG_20131223_130637.jpg   IMG_20131223_130647.jpg   IMG_20131223_130654.jpg   IMG_20131223_130700.jpg   IMG_20131223_130714.jpg  

    IMG_20131223_130732.jpg   IMG_20131223_130757.jpg   IMG_20131223_130859.jpg   IMG_20131223_130917.jpg  
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