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    Last of the cheap XX! Kodak Double-X in 135 cartridges

    As some of you know, Kodak has raised its prices for film by 20%. Because of this, I will be forced to raise my prices by the same 20% effective 1/1/14. I have delayed doing so by drawing down my inventory of cheaper film, but now I'm on my last bulk roll. So, if you want to stock up, do it now!

    I am selling Kodak Double-X (5222), rolled into 24 or 36 exposure 35mm cartridges. This is a 250 ISO Daylight 35mm black-and-white negative film. It typically comes only in 400 and 1000 ft rolls for cinematography, but can be developed just like any other black-and-white film. This film is taken from fresh, direct-from-Kodak stock, and spooled into previously-used 35mm cartridges. As this is not an official Kodak product, and does not have the Kodak warranty, I've put a "Rapakpan XX" label on it.

    If you don't know what this film can do, look here: http://www.flickr.com/groups/656147@N20/pool/

    Each 36-exposure roll is $4.99+shipping*, and the 24-exp rolls are $3.99+shipping*. I ship worldwide, but orders under $50 are at your own risk. Orders over $50 are shipped insured. I accept PayPal, Check and Money Order. The latter two may result in significant delay in shipment, as I wait until the payment clears. Send me a Private Message if you're interested!

    If you would like a non-standard number of exposures for panoramic or sprocket shooting, send me a PM. Please note, there's a minimum of 10 special order rolls per order.

    *I must collect sales tax for those living in PA.
    "Panic not my child, the Great Yellow Father has your hand"--Larry Dressler

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