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    FS: Sinar F2 View Camera + Copal #0 lens board (Australia)

    I am seeking expressions of interest for my Sinar F2 4x5 view camera.

    I have had the camera for about 3 months and find it does not suit my primarily outdoors-y landscapey photographic needs. It is a fantastic camera but it is just too darn bulky to lug around with me outdoors especially when carrying other camera gear. (feeling red faced after everyone told me to get a field camera and I insisted on getting a monorail) so I am selling to swap to a more compact field camera system.

    The camera is in fantastic condition, there are no hideous bumps or scratches, the bellows fold correctly and are free of light leaks. The ground glass is in good nick and all knobs and levers work accordingly and all spirit levels have fluid in them. I'd give it a 9+/10 just because it is second hand. One thing I will really miss about this camera is the DOF and tilt/swing calculator. It is a really awesome feature and if you are unsure on how to use it I'll send a little pocket sized bit of paper with the instructions on it to make it a little easier. It really is great, though and was truly impressed when I learnt how to use it.

    I paid $700USD for the camera only, I'll be happy to sell it for $600USD + shipping to wherever you are, plus I'll throw in a Copal #0 lens board I got from Adorama.

    I am currently away at sea and was supposed to be due back home around the 8th of January but we've been called to give assistance to a Russian science ship stuck in the ice so I'm not sure exactly when we'll be home. I'm guessing some time mid January. If you are interested please email me oo.agar (at g mail dot com) and we'll talk from there.

    If we call the deal at $625 we'll donate the extra $25 to APUG. I don't have any photos handy because I don't have a digital camera (of course) but I will post some when I get home.
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